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Linnanmaa Tenant Committee

All members of the Linnanmaa tenant committee are tenants of the Linnanmaa area student apartments. Through the committee it is possible to make proposals for purchasing equipment such as a home theater system or a billiard table for use in the area's club and activity rooms. Well, the home theater system in Yliopistokatu 46 clubroom was stolen, read more from the news-page. The committee also organises voluntary work gatherings and leisurely get-togethers where all tenants are welcome. The most significant events for the tenants are the spring and autumn happenings.

The members of the tenant committee are elected every autumn by a general tenants' meeting. In this meeting every tenant is eligible to vote and to run for membership in the committee.

When you live in a student apartment you can always find someone to have a chat with or you can participate in various activities. There are always people of your age right next door. There is plenty of tenant activity in Linnanmaa. The committee organises clubs for children, barbecue evenings, and other activities that tenants wish to have. Taking part in these social gatherings is a great way to learn to know your neighbours and make new friends.

The tenant committee has acquired various kinds of equipment such as games, video cameras, a hand-loom, and tools that all tenants are welcome to utilize. Using shared equipment in their pastime activities makes it possible for the tenants to save on their equipment purchases.

The tenant committee functions also as the contact unit between the tenants and PSOAS (the Student Housing Foundation of Northern Finland).

In addition to maintaining a connection between the tenants and PSOAS the tenant committee takes part in decision-making on issues such as apartment rents and repairs budget in the committee's housing area. This is possible through a meeting of the chairmen of the tenant committees.

The tenant committee is also responsible for drawing up the rules and regulations for the student houses in its area.

You can send e-mail to the tenant committee to this address

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